The Chemicals business
maintained its high
sales volume, which
amounted to 2.9 million
tons, in line with 2016

In 2017, our chemicals activity maintained the line of results obtained in the last two years. The satisfactory situation of the international market, added to the optimal operation of the plants, made it possible to maintain the high volume of sales, which amounted to 2.9 million metric tons, in line with 2016. Furthermore, margins continued to record historical maximums, similar to those of 2016.

Our production is centered in three petrochemical industrial complexes in Puertollano, Tarragona (Spain), and Sines (Portugal). Through Dynasol, a 50/50 partnership with the Mexican group KUO, we have access to synthetic rubber and special chemical products plants in Spain, Mexico, and China.

Third-party sales volume
Thousands tons
Sales by type of product 2016 2017
Basic petrochemicals 994 978
Derivative petrochemicals 1,898 1,877
TOTAL 2,892 2,855

Sales by region 2016 2017
Europe 2,428 2,412
Rest of the world 464 443
TOTAL 2,892 2,855

In addition to continuing to improve its efficiency, the Chemicals business achieved new advances in its differentiation strategy, consolidating the production of the Repsol Resistex metallocene-based polyethylene range and the Repsol Healthcare® range.

The investments made in 2017 were aimed at improving efficiency, reducing costs and differentiating and improving the quality, safety and environment standards of the business. Additionally, new projects aimed at improving efficiency during the multi-annual stops envisaged in 2018 in Sines (Portugal) and in the propylene/styrene oxide plant in Tarragona (Spain) are under way.