In 2016, our presence
in Algeria was focused
on our Upstream business

Upstream in Algelia

  • Exploration
  • Production / development
Repsol in Algelia


As of December 31st, 2016, we owned mineral rights in Algeria to eight blocks: two exploration blocks with a net surface area of 12,136 km2 and six production/development blocks with a net surface area of 1,178 km2.

Net production in 2017 amounted to 3.1 mbbl of liquids and 7.6 bscf of natural gas, with a total equivalent net production of 4.4 mboe (12,159 boe/d), from the TFT block (jointly operated by Sonatrach and Total) and blocks MLN, MLSE, and Ourhoud. Net proved reserves of liquids and natural gas were estimated at 30.7 mboe at the end of the year.

By the end of 2017, Repsol focused its operations in Algeria on the exploitation of four producing assets (Tin-Fouye Tabankort, MLN, MLSE, and Ourhoud), a large gas development project (Reggane Nord), and also on another development block (EMK) and two exploration blocks (SE Illizi and Boughezoul).


  • In mid-December, the entry into production of the Reggane Nord gas project in the Algerian desert, about 1,500 km southwest of Algiers, was announced. The gas fields of Reggane Nord are expected to reach their maximum production capacity, which is 8 million cubic meters of gas per day, in 2018. The Reggane Nord project is made up of six gas fields (Azrafil Sud-Est, Kahlouche, Kahlouche Sud, Tiouliline, Sali, and Reggane). The Reggane Nord consortium is operated jointly with Sonatrach. Repsol's stake in the project is 29.25%.


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Information on net production, net proved reserves, and mineral rights
as of December 31st, 2017