Repsol Mobility

Driving the mobility of the future
Leading the development of pioneering energy sources and solutions for mobility

Going to work every day, traveling for business or leisure, visiting family on vacation... Everywhere in the world, human beings need to travel from one place to another. We need to move, but we want to do it in a sustainable manner, i.e., keeping emissions as low as possible.

In order to address this major challenge, Repsol has been researching and improving energy for transportation, in addition to developing alternative energy sources.

Repsol is the only Spanish company present in the entire range of potential current and future solutions for improving mobility.

Advanced direct injection vehicles, hybrid vehicles, AutoGas-powered vehicles, electric vehicles, etc. These will all play a key role in ensuring that human mobility is more sustainable in the medium term.


We have been researching and improving energy for transportation, as well as developing alternative energy sources, for years

Advanced vehicles with direct injection engines benefit from Repsol's developments in cutting-edge fuels and lubricants, which make it possible to reduce emissions and increase their efficiency.

Another alternative is AutoGas or automotive LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). This fuel, a mixture of propane and butane, offers the same performance as traditional fuels but significantly reduces particle emissions, making it an eco-friendly solution for transportation. Spain currently has about 50,000 registered vehicles.

At Repsol, we are leading various initiatives in the mix of energy solutions for transportation and mobility, which places us in a unique position to address the challenges facing the sector. Innovation and technology go hand in hand in the development of more sustainable forms of mobility that are adapted to society's needs. At Repsol, we have been stepping on the gas for years to offer efficient solutions in this regard.