Volume of biofuels produced, purchased and sold

We help reduce CO2 emissions with biofuels, using bioethanol in gasolines and biodiesel and vegetable oil (VO) in gasoil.

In addition, we focus on promoting advanced biofuel projects (producing biofuel from non-food raw materials, biomass), with strong technology content and heightened reduction of carbon footprint, carried out at the Repsol Technology Center.

To guarantee sustainability of our biofuels, we follow international schemes that certify the traceability of the raw materials included throughout the production chain.. Specifically, our industrial centers and plants are operating under the ISCC[1] and RBSA[2]schemes.

The percentage of biofuels used in our gasolines and diesels exceeds the limits required by current legislation.

In 2016, we continued our Bottom-Up Synthetic Biology project, which involves research in advanced biofuel production from renewable raw materials, such as lignocellulosic biomass, which would result in reducing carbon footprint in comparison with fossil fuels. We intend to obtain molecules that provide high performance in ignition engines and that are compatible with current fossil fuels, while applying a sustainable biological process. We have currently obtained an enhanced bacterial strain for biological production of an advanced biofuel through a synthetic pathway designed for the synthesis of the target molecule. The success of biological production of the target molecule allows biological synthesis of an entire family of molecules which, until now, could only be synthesized chemically by means of costly processes with a greater environmental impact.

Offsetting CO2 emitted

We remain committed to offsetting the carbon footprint of some of our activities and events.

The table below shows the tons offset and the carbon credits acquired for offsetting:

Events in 2016 CO2 tons compensated Credits
General shareholder meeting 64 Credits generated from the “La Venta II”(Mexico) wind farm project.
Moto GP World Championship (Repsol Team participation) 2,222 In process of offsetting.
Organization and participation in the Spanish Motorcycle Speed Championship (CEV, for its Spanish acronym) 592 In process of offsetting.

Repsol has verified the tons of CO2 for each event with an independent body.


  1. International Sustainability & Carbon Certification
  2. RED Bioenergy Sustainability Assurance (RED: Renewable Energy Directive)