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At Repsol, digitalization presents great opportunities to improve our businesses' performance by increasing revenue, improving efficiency, and driving sustainable growth. Digitalization is also an extraordinary springboard for creating and generating new products and services.

With this objective in mind, we have set up an ambitious digitalization program that involves all the businesses and key areas such as People and Organization and the Technology Center. In addition, we have created a Digitalization and Information Technology area that will be responsible for launching the program over the next few years.

The launch of Waylet was one of the biggest milestones of 2017. This application improves the customer experience by allowing customers to pay with their cell phone in our service stations. In January 2018, the Company acquired 70% of the capital of the start-up Klikin, with the objective of further promoting Waylet and converting it into a leading payment and loyalty method for all types of businesses.

The mass use and treatment of data has also allowed us to make decisions in the Upstream business. Scientists at the Repsol Technology Center characterize reservoirs, comparing data and establishing analog models that enable us to predict their nature and behavior.

To bring the digitalization program to life, Repsol is looking to collaborate with cutting-edge companies in the technology sector. In the same way, we established a partnership with Microsoft to find innovative solutions for the energy industry based on cloud computing technologies, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT),big data, and mixed reality, among others.