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Repsol Guide

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to innovation

Nueva Guía Repsol

In 2017 we redesigned the Repsol Guide and put together an updated version of this travel companion. We have included the latest trends in content and digital tools, partnerships with leading hotel and restaurant booking operators, and a multi-platform that is unique to the market and offers great potential.

Each of the formats (web, print, and app) complement one another and meet the needs of a new, better-informed, and more technological user.

The paper-based version of the Repsol Guide includes a travel book with more than 40 "Inspirations", or reports on routes and destinations. We want to use the guide to build a new relationship with the public.

The new website uses formats that best meet travelers' needs, including videos, quality photographs, targeted social networking, music, etc., taking the users' location and new needs into account.

We are also committed to developing a strong digital personality and presence, focusing on mobile devices. For this reason, we have developed the new Repsol Guide app. It aims to provide a comprehensive travel experience, with planning and organizational tools that offer advice in everyday language.

This converts the new Repsol Guide into one of the Company's new digital assets aimed at the general public, allowing synergies with other Repsol digital channels.