Repsol On
The evolution of our service stations


The best mobility solutions,
the best quality products
and services, and a unique
loyalty program make up Repsol's
commitment to invent the
service station of the future.

Repsol On

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We want our customers to have the best experience possible at our service stations

Antonio Calcada,
Executive Director
of Marketing at Repsol

Having a good cup of coffee, collecting our deliveries, finding a last-minute gift, refueling without the need for credit cards or cash, and meeting friends after work. How many places do we have to go to do all of this? In fact, only one! We can find all this and much more at Repsol's new service stations.

José Barreiro, Director of the Service Station Network in Spain, is aware of his greatest challenge: "We want the customer to be at the heart of all our decisions and for each person who comes to our service stations to leave satisfied." To achieve this, the Company focuses on three major lines of action in which the customer comes first: the best mobility energy solutions, the best service quality, and the best loyalty program.

Repsol's starting point is unbeatable: 4,709 service stations in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Peru, and Mexico; the highest-quality fuels on the market, and the ability to incorporate all energy options, including AutoGas, compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and electric recharge.

For Antonio Calçada, Executive Director of Marketing at Repsol, there is a single objective: "We want the safest, cleanest, most operative service stations with the most empathetic personnel and where the customer has the best experience." To achieve this, Repsol offers attractive services for customers, in addition to partnerships with sector-leading companies, from El Corte Inglés to Starbucks, as well as Burger King, ONCE, Nespresso, SunPlanet, and Disney, among others. Additionally, thanks to agreements with the Spanish mail service Correos and Amazon, service stations have become collection points where customers can pick up their purchases.

A good example of the new service offered by Repsol is Waylet, an application which allows customers to pay for both fuels and store products at service stations. This application, designed to become the go-to payment application in service stations and other commercial establishments, is the Company's first major commitment to digital businesses. In the near future, other advantages such as gaming, travel offers, and food and tourist guides will be added to this mobile payment option.