Sustainability Day:
a committed Company

Almost 14% of Repsol's
institutional capital is
in the hands of socially
responsible investors

Sustainability Day

They are very stable,
long term investors
that are aligned with
our policy and commitment
to sustainability

Leticia Padura,
ESG Manager

For several years, sustainability has been at the heart of Repsol's strategy for the future. As a result, it is one of the main international energy companies that has a large percentage of its institutional capital in the hands of socially responsible investors: around 74 million shares, or 14% of our institutional capital. These investors, of course, seek profitability, but also demand good performance in the concepts behind the three letters of ESG: Environmental, Social, and Government. They invest with a long-term drive, because they know that only socially responsible companies will stand the test of time.

We have been celebrating Repsol Sustainability Day for the past five years. This event is designed for Repsol's current and potential environmentally and socially responsible investors and is attended by an increasing number of financial analysts and investors. ESG investors are institutional investors who take social, environmental, and corporate governance practices into account, as well as the traditional financial criteria, when building their investment portfolio. Repsol's ESG investors: "In 2010, 8% of our institutional shareholder base was made up of ESG investors; today, they make up 11%. In other words, around 57 million shares are in the hands of investment funds, management areas, etc. which acquire shares based on sustainability criteria," explains Leticia Padura, ESG Manager at Repsol. They are very stable, long term investors that are aligned with our policy and commitment to sustainability.

Climate change and integration

How do we choose the topics of each Repsol Sustainability Day? "Through ongoing inquiries from our investment funds and managers across the year, we detect the most interesting topics and the best socially responsible investment practices at Repsol. We use this as a base to put the event topics together, which are directly presented by our colleagues who are involved in those projects," Leticia confirms.

The fourth edition of this event, specifically created to inform ESG investors about the progress made in sustainability at Repsol, was held in London on November 13th, 2017. Lead by Josu Jon Imaz, CEO of Repsol; the event was widely attended and had a very positive impact. Of the 40 people in attendance (20% more than in the previous edition and 100% more than in 2014), 86% were ESG specialists.